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At our nursery, you will find a large selection of Hanging Baskets, Planters, Bedding Plants, Perennials, Succulents, Herbs, and Fruit and Vegetable Plants.


We are meticulous with our seeding process to provide a continuous supply of strong, hardy plants that'll be perfect for your garden and home landscaping.


Our flowers and vegetable plants will be available mid-April through July. Some early season vegetable plants are available early April.

For more info, please visit the "Bedding Plants" and "Vegetable Plants" tabs.


Starting in September, mum season arrives! It is a spectacular site to see all of the many different bright and beautiful colors of these flowers in bloom. Our mums are some of the largest around!


For more information, please call 301-399-2951! Thank You!

The Nursery

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