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Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Strawberries Opening Day is Monday, April 29th!

*Join us for our first annual Strawberry Fest weekends! Reservations and pre-purchased containers are required for entry.

Picking Hours - Weekdays
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(No reservation required for weekday picking)
*Weather Permitting

Picking Hours - Strawberry Fest Weekends
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Beginning this year, a reservation and pre-purchased containers are required to attend on Strawberry Fest weekends!
To make a reservation and for more details, please click the button below.
*Weather Permitting

$3.99 per lb.
*Picking containers are provided.
Strawberry Fest Weekends

$7 per Quart
$25 for 1st Gallon Basket
$21 for each additional Gallon Basket

*Containers are provided. No outside containers permitted on weekends. Upgrades and more additional containers can be purchased onsite.

The strawberry patch is located at the corner of Piscataway Road and Tippett Road.
(About 1/2 mile away from our farm market)
From our farm market, turn LEFT onto Piscataway Rd. Continue straight for a 1/4 mile and then turn LEFT onto Tippett Rd. Continue straight for 1/4 miles and then you will arrive at the entrance of the field. Please park in the grass field.
Directional signage will be posted.

Additional Information
Picking containers are provided.
Visiting a farm comes with inherent risk. Uneven terrain, mud, allergens, bees, etc. may be present.
As of 2024, Strawberry Fest weekend reservations are required.
Pets or non-service animals are not permitted.
We recommend calling ahead or following our social media pages if unsure about the weather or field conditions.

After all of the fun, stop by our farm market and enjoy everything that we have to offer! Homemade strawberry ice cream, fresh produce, BBQ, beautiful flowers, and more!
We look forward to your visit!


Pick Your Own!
Pick Your Own Strawberries!
Big, Sweet, and Juicy!
Map to Strawberry Field
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